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Loudpacksjay aka Big Smokey and Hip-Hop Artist Scrillz Launch Big Smokey Productions

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One company that has been making noise lately in the music industry has been Big Smokey Productions. The company was founded by Cannabis pioneer and entertainment legend Loudpacksjay aka Big Smokey. Big Smokey has made a name for himself as both a Cannabis guru and entertainer, hosting festivals and live shows while pushing his personal brand. His hustle has allowed him to garner a massive following and put him in position to do something amazing.

Using his wide connection base and entrepreneurial experience, Loudpacksjay aka Big Smokey decided to use his platform to help other artists. That is when he decided to sign California based hip hop artist Scrillz. The duo has been making moves together ever since. Big Smokey said, “we grew up together and recently reunited through our kids playing football together on the same program. Scrillz is very talented and versatile, he can sing and rap, harmonizing with all different sounds and melodies. I wanted to help him bring his music career to the next level, a place where others have not been able to. I want to see him create a name for himself and one day provide for his family the way I do for mine.”

Scrillz’s humble beginning in the music industry started at the age of 12 when he began mimicking his brothers and cousin who were making music. Inspired by the likes of Tupac and the late Nipsey Hustle, Scrillz likes to take the old school approach to his sound. He said, “I was inspired by a lot of old school artists and not just rap, I really listened to all genres of music. No one specific but if I had to choose it would have to be Tupac.” After watching his mother die of diabetes, and his brother commit suicide, Scrillz has sacrificed more than most could bear on his grind.

The duo has reunited to start something incredibly special. They both have a vision to take over the industry together as one with Big Smokey Productions.

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