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Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson – The Adam Carolla Show

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At the top of the pod, Adam talks about a vintage Cher song he was listening to, and “Cher” chimes in to explain its origins. Adam also rants about the way the news is delivering panicked information to everyone, and Adam speaks more on fear, regulation, and calibration. Up next, Adam reads some more entries for the new game: ‘Good Guy/Bad Guy’, and talks about catching up with the family over the weekend. Before the break, Adam plays part of the theme song for an old KROQ sketch called ‘The Cabbisons’.

50 Cent will be on shortly, but first Gina reads news stories about easing stay at home orders, a possible Coronavirus cure, and kegged beer going stale. Adam then asks 50 Cent about whether he considers himself an artist or entrepreneur first. They also talk about his upbringing, and the death of his mother at 8 years old. Later they chat about boxing, more specifically Mike Tyson, and go on to discuss 50 Cent’s new book, acting career, and further aspirations for the future. Other topics of conversation include how 50 Cent met Eminem, and the experience of being shot 9 times and surviving. As the conversation wraps up, Adam compliments 50 Cent on his resilience, and the guys discuss how to best impart their wisdom to the next generation, and how to get through these trying times of Coronavirus.

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