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Mig Arogan feat. Silow Capone -“Blazed Up” (Official Music Video)

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Thiery Kern Sanon, admired music video videographer born on June 4th, 1987 and also known as DRAMAFLS, supports Haitian American Rappers with his passion for videography and love for the creative liberties he’s discovered within the music industry.

His credits include popular artists including Zoey Dollaz, Steves J Bryan, Young Flock and MiG Arogan. Working with famed rap artist MiG Arogan, his work in “Blazed up” portrays the struggles of living between the best of both worlds including hustling as a Haitian American immigrant in the United States while also effortlessly living the American Dream.

His vision for the visuals has viewers seeing private jets roaming in the sky in the single “Blazed up,” cleverly motivating listeners to hustle for their dreams while becoming enchanted by his visuals.

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