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LX Xander Calls Out Producers in Quarantine

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British producer & ‘cult leader’ LX Xander has challenged other beat makers in an Instagram video, threatening that he’s going to steal all of their opportunities during the pandemic while they’re at home looking after their kids.

In an almost minute-long rant, he claims that his own team, Ghostcraft Music, are adapting to the coronavirus situation better than any other production company and accuses the rest of the world of sleeping.

Ghostcraft Music is a Billboard-charting, Grammy-nominated production team founded by LX Xander. Team members include maestro musician King Wizard (often described by the press as an ‘eccentric genius’), business manager and an A&R mogul Oliver ‘Big Papa’ Harvey, and alternative producer/songwriter Alyun.

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declaring war on all you bitch ass producers using this pandemic as an excuse to slack off. Fuck u 🖕 imma take all your opportunities. We finna take all your money 💵 . . @ghostcraftmusic boutta prowl & pillage this industry while u at home waiting, taking no shots, scared in ur quarantines, looking after ur kids. Everything you built is boutta mean nothing, cos it's gonna be ours now. Corona defeated u ☣️ took you out of the game real quick, so real sharks like us can clean the fuck up 🦈 . . . The second video make me look like an abused housewife with my black eye (idk how I got it lol) 😂 pls send help @bigpapaharvey is v violent and I are stuck in quarantine with him 😩 . . . (that is not true do not call police tnx 👍)

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