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Exclusive Interview: Rookie2x Talks About New Album “Calm Before Tha Storm”

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1. How long have you been doing what you’re doing and how did you get started in the first place?

My first song ever was called buddies with my older brother ShouSupreme, I was maybe 12 years old. I didn’t really stick my foot into the game until October of 2018 when I linked up with RyhmeKing. He showed me the ropes of the industry and I just took off running after that. Started with marking rap group B.O.$, then recently solo as Rookie2x. I just have a story to tell. I don’t really care about the money, that’s for my people when it comes.

2. Who were the first influences on your music and style?

Id have to say my older brother first, then maybe Scarface. FaceMob really all I be playing now a days. And just like Scareface, I can go 4 bars never rhyme, but it still makes the point, and grab the attention of fans.

3. In your opinion who is the most influential and successful artist in your genre today and why?

In my book, MeekMill first. Only because he slept on with his bars and punchlines. Then I’d have to say the whole DREAMVILLE label. I look for bars and punchlines. I don’t really care about the beat or cat and the hat rhyming. Now a days rap is watered down. There’s not to many lyrical artist anymore. And its sad.

4. Do you think your music is mostly enjoyed more for the beats or for the lyrical flow and content?

Lol, I would hope the lyrical flow and content. My music is different then most in my opinion. But I’m also not cocky like I used to be. I would just hope I go down as a lyrical artist.

5. Do you write your own lyrics? If yes, what do you think about artists who use ghost writers?

Most definitely, my story is mine to tell. I can’t see myself recording another mans life or a fairytale that I never lived. I can’t knock the next artist, how they make their money is on them. Do I agree with it no, but do I respect it most definitely. I just wouldn’t do it myself.

6. If you could choose to work with some of today’s established artists or producers, to move your game to the top, with whom would you like to collaborate?

I used to say no one lol, but now MeekMill, or J.Cole. No cap.

7. Which latest songs, videos or mixtapes releases are currently available to your fans and where can they be heard or downloaded?

I just released the intro of my upcoming album, Calm Before Tha Storm. It can be found on any and all platforms under Rookie2x- Intro. Also a GTA music video on YouTube. Pretty dope.

8. Which ingredient do you think is most essential in making your sound and style the way it is?

Started with my engineer mixing my sound the way I wanted it, and then I just dove in and gave it my all. But the ingredient is the pain I been through and experienced over the years. Self inflicted aswell as caused.

9. Which emotion more than any other, currently dominates your music? Joy, sadness, anger or passion etc. , and why?

All of the above, I don’t wanna just make sad music, I wanna be able to touch every emotion. Cause I’m no longer sad or mad like I used to be. I just express it through my music to inform I have been there before.

10. What aspect of the music making process excites you most, and what aspect discourages you the most?

Both answers, recording. I’ll redo something 100 times. I’ve gotta feel it before I release it.

11. How involved are you in the recording, producing, mastering, marketing, and other processes needed to make and sell your music, and do you outsource any part of these processes?

I record myself. Everything else I pay for. The industry is no longer free. Street marketing isn’t very beneficial nowadays. So I promote and market myself with different company’s. But I’ve also been scammed out of THOUSANDS. But I look at the industry like the lottery. You win some, you loose some. But you just keep playing until you win. But everybody don’t win. And I’ve accepted that. But that won’t stop me from playing.

12. Do you think the advent of internet and all the new technology has helped your music and independent musicians in general, or do you think it just creates a mass of mediocre “copycats” who flood the web, making it difficult to distinguish yourself?

Everybody got their way of doing thing. My flo can’t be stolen, it’s to hard my opinion. But I’ll never knock the next trying to provide. Just have a purpose for what and why you doing what you are. New technology is definitely a plus with up and coming artist.

13. What in your opinion is the biggest barrier an artist like yourself, has to face and overcome, to gain any commercial success?

Scammers lol. You can’t be scared to invest. And getting scammed scares ALOT of artist trying to make it. But it’s GOING to happen. Eventually you’ll find the right tool needed. And when you do, keep using that tool.

14. In closing, tell us something about any projects and ideas you have in store or are already working on as well as where people can find your music.

My album, Calm Before Tha Storm, is coming August 7th. I’m dropping another album single very soon featuring, Damar Jackson. Just waiting on some things to announce the release. I feel it’s a hit for-sure. You can find me under Rookie2x on any music platform online. Stay tuned for my next single. I appreciate all the love I’ve been given. I’m forever grateful!

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