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A-Lean – “Tears”

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Alin G. Radu was born in Romania in 7 May 1984 in a small town from north east of the country named Falticeni and lived there till the age of 18 when i had to escape from my country because of struggles and poverty, so i gone in Italy where i had to work hard for living, we Romanians we weren’t seen good back then by Italians for some reasons… at the beginning was very hard.. especially in the first few years.. but then with passing of the years and working hard i’ve integrated myself (not to mention that my father left me when i was 7 and my mother when i was 16 so i had to grow up alone).

Now I am a Electrical Engineer working for multinational corporations in Energy From Waste Plants and Oil and Gas… but i always was listening to old school rap legends since i was kid, never understood a word back then… i had this passion of hip-hop listen on repeat Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop, Pac, Nas, BIG, all off them, i also like some of the new artists. With time passing, life learned me English and now is my most used language from the four languages i know. In April 2019 a friend of mine listen some of my songs i was written in secret.. and he advice me to start do it at last as a hobby… so i did… and this is the result, i put it in front of you my new single “Tears”, a reflection of what’s going on in the world today.

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