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Meet RapTV the Next Generation of Music Marketing—with founder, Daniel Snow

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The journey of RapTV started with a simple Instagram page idea and it has now resulted in an accumulation of 5.6 million followers, the account is known as @Rap.

RapTV is a multimedia company that focuses on shifting the culture forward; specifically focusing on underground, current, and future music. The company takes on the role and responsibility of covering all types of rap whether it is mainstream, underground, southern-style, New York-esque, or Atlanta-based.

You name it.

“RapTV is a stepping stone into forming a true community for our fans and followers who want to be engaged in the overall culture of Hip Hop.” Daniel Snow, the founder of RapTV, states.

The company prides itself on enabling engagement and interaction within the Hip Hop community that ultimately propels culture. But, RapTV also provides a strong variety of content to reach and appeal to multiple audiences.

RapTV is a one-stop-shop for every different type of rap fan. What created uniqueness in RapTV is that its reach ranges from ‘the fan who just simply wants to stay up-to-date when new music releases’ all the way to ‘the fan who wants to remain in the loop on everything and everyone in the Hip Hop industry’. RapTV unites all of these ‘fans’ by providing the culture-changing content that gels the interests of various people, together.

Q: Thanks for joining us today, Daniel. The first question we’d like to ask is, what inspired you to get into Rap? Why did you choose rap? You could’ve chosen Country, House, R&B, Pop, Rock, why Hip-Hop?

I genuinely love rap! I feel like rap is something that is American, and I want to keep pushing rap and the culture forward in any way I can. Rap is the future, and I feel like we are just getting started; the culture is too. As far as RapTV goes and the culture, this is only the beginning and I am always excited to find ways to elevate and achieve more.

Q: Take us through the journey of RapTV and its rise to such an influential, growing audience and the vast social media network it has garnered.

Grind, grind, grind and grind and ultimately having a GREAT Team! We LOVE what we do, and we love rap. When you find people who love doing what they do, special things happen. We love keeping up with current events. We love the opportunities to show people the culture it brings. We focus on being as credible as possible. But in the end, this would not be possible without our community who we have worked hard to make a genuine connection with. We call them ‘The rap savages’, they keep us going and optimistic. They love rap just as much as anybody else, and we hold that connection with them!

Q: What other accounts did RapTV branch out to, and what are they known for as well as their purposes? Tell us more about what goes into operating multiple social media accounts and maybe in detail how your team balances it all out.

To begin, we balance it all out by having excellent communication throughout our team. We share information with each other throughout the day as well as look out for one another. When we began running RapTV, we found out that Rap is such a profound culture. It’s much more than just rapping and making beats. The music is symbolic for the livelihoods of many, the way many communicate and uphold themselves.

This is why we made @Litconcertss to show the rappers on the stage, the crowd’s energy focusing on the art of their performance. It provides specified content for audiences looking for it.

@Bars is an account where we focus on artists, the bars, the UPCOMING Talent. More underground focus. We attempt to acknowledge and highlight rising talent and overlooked talent. We also reel in on the quality of the craft from what is being said to the artist’s style and flow.

@Steez is simply for everything else that revolves around the music. That account hits the target on the clothes, the art, the drops of shoes coming out all that new drip, designer and so forth. It essentially ties into the fashion culture Rap brings together.

Q: What are the future goals for RapTV? Assumably, of course, an incline of success, but in which direction do you plan to take RapTV in years to come?

We aspire and eventually want to be like the great companies that came before us: the OG’s Revolt TV, XXL, The Source and many more. All of these are companies that have strongly impacted the culture and pushed it forward, and we want to do that as well. We want to hold interviews like The Breakfast Club; we want to be as prevalent on the radio as platforms like Hot 97 or Power 101. We want to have a Podcast like Joe Budden has. There are many plans we have for RapTV ultimately and have have a vision and a will to make it happen!

Q: How have you been able to successfully run your company? To close out, define what a true entrepreneur is to you.

The way I have been able to accomplish what I have with RapTV is all derived from having a great team. A great team is fundamental to any company! Most importantly, I enjoy what I do, which is informing people on rap and pushing the culture forward!

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