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D. Myke is Building a Following With Unique Hits

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Nowadays, artists tend to fall into the same kind of sound, emulating each other to a point where it becomes hard to differentiate one artist from another. Today’s mainstream music has become a bland melting pot of music that many artists can’t escape. That’s not the case for D. Myke.

California-based recording artist D. Myke came onto the scene strong with a series of singles backed by the award-winning production company 1500 or Nothin’. D. Myke’s music comes with refreshingly unique vocals and melodic instrumentals. His latest track “Don’t Be Lonely” offers a nostalgic, bouncy rhythm paired with emotion-packed, rhythmic vocals. The instrumental carries the listener effortlessly through the track while the singing and lyricism keep you wanting more.

With only 4 tracks released so far, D. Myke has already accumulated almost 200,000 streams on Spotify alone. With a pace like that, it’s no question that D. Myke will be making big moves in the industry. D. Myke has announced that his debut album will be coming out by the end of 2020, and with his talent and a professional production company backing him, his fans cannot wait to hear more.

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