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Hot New Single: Middle EastSide Tmo x PGPM Bully “Cold Memories”

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With raw and real stories to tell, Detroit rap artists Middle EastSide Tmo and PGPM Bully release “Cold Memories” to express their trials and triumph. This is the first song the once manager-artist duo has released to date.

Middle EastSide Tmo stated, “As I wrote my hook, I had the idea of leaving a legacy behind in mind. I want to be remembered.”

Middle EastSide Tmo began pursuing music in June of 2019 and achieved great success in less than a year. Along with a tour, he has collaborated with Detroit artists, such as Swainoh and ShittyBoyz BabyTron.

Featuring rap artist PGPM Bully has established a name for himself since 2010, as he’s been labeled a hidden gem in rap music. Interestingly enough, Bully was interviewed on Thisis50 radio in 2015.

“My verses tell a rags-to-riches type of tale,” shared the artist. “I wanted to give listeners a different perspective on struggle and what it can look like.”

“Cold Memories” is available now on all platforms.

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Middle EastSide Tmo @middleeastsidetmo

PGPM Bully @pgpm_bigbull


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