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Swaggertown Records CEO Jake Strain Supports Recreational Marijuana In NYS

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With a name like Jake Strain, it’s not hard to tell that this guy loves to smoke. As the co-founder of Foster House Studios in the Washington Avenue Armory in Albany, New York, Mr. Strain has been on his music and marijuana lifestyle for quite some time. You can see him blowing the stickiest of the icky in this H Boogz visual for Gun Is My Buddy feat. vocals from JS, but that’s just regular Jake.

The Albany native is a staunch advocate for legalization of marijuana in New York State, which already allows medicinal marijuana, but recreational marijuana is still prohibited. Strain is already in the process of harvesting his own authentic “Jake Strain” brand cannabis to be sold in dispensaries throughout the country. In the meanwhile, the Swaggertown Records CEO is just making magic in the studio and patiently waiting for weed legalization in the Empire State.

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