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Hip Hop Community Videographer and Comedian Kid L Speaks On His Experiences

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Kid L, well known Detroit videographer and comedian, speaks on his experiences in his 6 years in the hip hop and rap culture.

I hear you have filmed over 200 music videos. What did you take from this?

Shooting music videos helped me prepare for other types of productions. It gave me an understanding of filmmaking and storytelling.

What mistakes do you often see artists make?

I find that they try to imitate other artists, rather than finding their own unique image and sound.

Any advice on upcoming new artists?

Really work on your craft. Don’t just worry about becoming famous. Write, record, and repeat.

Your skits on Instagram are hilarious. What made you want to do comedy in the meantime?

I’ve always been a comedian deep down, and no one was talking about the annoyances of being a videographer. So I decided to do it.

Share a little about your new podcast.

My podcast is a very raw approach to reviewing music videos. I keep it very honest. I want to eventually have guests on the show.

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