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Aye!plus Hate It/Love It (feat. Backyard Band)

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DC rapper Aye!plus came across the beat of his latest single “Hate It/Love It” a few years ago, but held off finishing the song as he “couldn’t find the words to it”.

When inspiration finally came, Aye!plus quickly enlisted the help of Backyard Band, who he considers his “hero”, and brought the project to live.

Aye!Plus is born and raised in the Southeast neighborhood of Washington DC (Capital Hill). The rising star has been writing, singing and rapping since he was 9 year old and counts Ma$e, Jay-Z Andre 3000, Kanye West, Michael Jackson and all the Go-Go artists in the DC area as he influences.

His latest mixtape, which “Hate It/Love It” features in, has been a work in progress for over a year and boasts some star power – collaborators include Grammy award winning producer Anthony “Hitman” Dent among other talented musicians.

Plus is looking to bring back the fun and refreshing good times he believes is missing from music scene today, as well as highlighting DC artistry for its innovative style and creativity.

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