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FriO Isa Blaque – “All That You Can Say”

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Utica, New York native, and musical maven FriO Isa Blaque taps multiple genres in music in the latest single in his diverse catalog titled “All That You Can Say.” Stemming from a culture of drug use, gang violence, and poverty, FriO not only makes music to put himself in a better position but also to educate listeners on various topics of wealth, health, love, finances, and straying from criminal activity.

Styled after Drake songs off Views, All that You Can Say is a hip hop anthem that samples classical Carribean music that blends in beautifully with FriO narrative of courting beautiful women. However, the twist with her is that she has a wicked and lustful side of her personality, which FriO cleverly plays upon in multiple lines.

“Good Girl, but your walk is so devilish,” – FriO Isa Blaque.

He uses a complex but intricate metaphors to illustrate the point that your partner has multiple pieces of their soul which puts them together to be the puzzle of a person that they are. People are more than just good or bad, in his opinion. They have nuances that make them unique, and in a relationship, you should never expect your lover not to show that side of them.

FriO has been making quality hip hop music, which divulges into genres of dancehall, rock, r&B, and pop, which has garnered over millions of streams in his career. With a consistent audience and fan base, his next step is to elevate into musical superstardom along with the likes of Jay Z and Kendrick Lamar.

Will he achieve his goals? Currently, I can not state due to his ambiguous and intelligent nature. FriO operates on his own accord. “All That You Can Say” However, his single is available to stream on all platforms.

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