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Meet Author Brittany Krystantos – From Her Journey With Mental Health To Revolutionizing How Millennials Can Improve Their life

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Just about everyone in the world can feel obscured, compelled by society, especially
teens, and the question is how did this young woman go from a mute child as a kid,
mental health struggles in her teens- to becoming a teen bestselling author, and now a
22 -year -old author with a motivational career on the rise.

Meet Brittany Krystantos, Author and Motivational speaker, from her journey with mental health
to revolutionizing how millennials can improve their life. Brittany is the writer of the well received self-help book, I Am Not Your Average Teen. She published her first book at just the
age of 15 years old. When Brittany was a kid, she didn’t speak to anyone, but her parents at the
age of seven with the rare anxiety condition of Selective Mutism, and the struggles didn’t end
there, in her teens she battled with depression that almost cost her own life. So how did she
change her life around?

I will tell you. It was a long journey- she tells it all in 11 steps in her first book, “I Am Not Your
Average Teen,” and talks about how teens can cultivate self-love, and open up about their own
struggles with mental health, hoping to prevent teen suicide. Brittany really does live for
inspiring and bettering the next generation of young people.

Readers of her book, Reality Star, Ben Higgins from the hit show The Bachelor, has expressed
with great enthusiasm for her book and the impact it’s made on him and others, “The ethos of
this book allowed me to become a more aware human, which as a result I am now grateful. I am
reminded of the hope that life brings when reading Beneath and Beyond.”

Singer, and Actress, Alli Simpson said after reading, I Am Not Your Average Teen, “Through
writing this book, Brittany has given us a roadmap and a chance to be ourselves. I am grateful for
having shared in this journey with her. I am grateful that many teenagers journey will be easier
for having read this book.”, Alli said.

The author, Brittany Krystantos, is also the writer of her second book, Beneath And
Beyond to help teens with mental health struggles. Now she is in the works of producing

a film inspired by her life story. Brittany felt that her voice as a young woman could
inspire other teenagers who could potentially be struggling with the same battles she
went through in her early adolescents.

Brittany really is revolutionizing how millennials can improve their
life, by her talks, interactive workshop sessions and is truly
dedicated to making a positive impact in the world.

Brittany says, “if you are struggling, please reach out for help, you are
not alone and the world deserves your light and love. I wish
everyone could realize how special they are , and their
voice matters,” she said. “My books are my own way of speaking up and
helping others find their way.”
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