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Jack Thriller on Lit AF Tour, Comedy Beef, Instagram Comedians, Top 3 Comedians + More

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Jack Thriller stops by Hoodrich Radio with DJ Scream to talk about how being a part of the Lit AF Tour hosted by Martin Lawrence is a dream come true from his childhood watching Martin on Def Comedy Jam. He talks about his weekly TV show, Party and Bull ****, his Jackie’s Angels, & more! He discusses the power of self belief and how he always believed in himself growing up. He touches on comedy beef and smoke between comedians, he weighs in on the new age viral comedians who get popular using Instagram and Youtube and have created lucrative brands online. He talks about the difference in his come up where there were no outlets or other ways of getting on outside of getting in front of audiences in comedy clubs.He talks about his focus on stand up and lists his personal top 3 comedians of all time, which include Jamie Foxx, Chris Rock, & Katt WIlliams. Check out Jack Thriller on The Lit AF Comedy Tour coming soon to a city near you!

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