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Kameko Tarnez: The Creative Behind Archrok Entertainment and “Protector of the Gods” Returns to Music!

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Kameko Tarnez, is a man whose talent is limitless! Some of you may know him from his recent Egyptian trilogy “Protector of the Gods” while others will know him for his plethora of endeavors with his first true love: music. Throughout the years Kameko has been blessed to have sold out multiple tours, chart topping Eurodance hits, and collaborate with Icons such as Michael Jackson, Grace Jones, Erykah Badu, and more. However, after much success, Kameko decided to take a break from music and use this time to re-center himself. It was during this break that Kameko and his group of global billionaire investment partners started Archrok Entertainment, a full-fledged production company. During this hiatus, Kameko began expanding his creative arms and venturing into film. In fact, his $30 million Egyptian trilogy “Protector of the Gods” has been deemed by GQ and Glamour Magazine as “Hollywood’s First All-Black Egypt Film”. However, due to the pandemic, production was temporarily put on hold. Being the true creative that he is, Kameko needed an outlet. Music. In February 2021 Kameko released his single, “Get Up”. This anthem speaks on the true essence of what is going on in the world today and urges us to come together and unite. “The oppressor knows from where your blood flows. We are gods. I’m calling on you to stand up with me. The fight won’t be in vain.” In true Kameko fashion, his angelic voice and unapologetic lyrics took his listeners on a journey of truth and love. We are very excited to announce that Kameko has more music coming your way. He will be releasing his long-awaited EP later this year. Everyone get ready for a beautiful journey led by the soulful voice of Kameko Tarnez.

Instagram: @KamekoTarnez

Facebook: Kameko Tarnez fan page

iTunes: “Get Up” Single

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