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BurrLin – Growth Zone 2

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BurrLin is a solo hip hop/rap artist initially from Southside Jamaica Queens, NYC but now residing in Los Angeles. The influences of where he came from and ultimately the lifestyle he lives now is apparent in his lyrics and content.
After the success of his first mixtape release, “Growth Zone”, in June 2019 – He is now following it up with another release “Growth Zone 2” this February 6th, 2020. This second release solidifies his mixtape series and its definitely cementing his place in the underground rap scene. Growth Zone 2 illustrates BurrLin’s range and ability to create a wide variety of tracks.

The tape starts off with a strong introduction on “Memories Over Dreams”. Starting with inspiring words from the late/great, Nipsey Hussle, BurrLin follows it up with a hard hitting delivery of introspective yet motivational bars on turning his dreams into memories & making them come true. It’s a strong statement to start a mixtape for sure.

The tape then flows into a series of well-selected A-sides including “Watch How I Move”, “2-Step”, and “Run It Up” feat long-time fellow collaborator, Don 116. All three of those songs have strong potential to do big numbers upon release and potentially go viral. If placed in the hands of the right DJs, we expect BurrLin to become a household name.

On “Sutphin Stories”, BurrLin walks us through his upbringing in South Jamaica Queens and puts the listener in his shoes while highlight a bit of his survivors remorse.

BurrLin does well on guitar heavy produced beats, similar to “Jet Life” on his first tape. GZ2 has two tracks, “In My Room” & “Back In Town” in this similar elk, delivering a sound that we are familiar with from him to his listeners. “In My Room” is a personal favorite and should do well for his female listener base. It highlights his comfortability and growth in his craft to effortlessly deliver singing and rapping harmoniously while inviting his lady friend into his room, as the title suggest. His flow on “Back In Town” is A1. He effortlessly showcases his NY dominant flow while expressing his desire to link up after extensive travels, which seems to be a common theme in all of his Jet Life mentions.

“All The Bags” and “Water My Wrist” check the boxes for the trap sound which is popular in today’s hip-hop scene. In typical rapper fashion, BurrLin talks through different watch brands and models that he owns and desires to acquire. All rappers love watches, go figure.

Burr often makes mentions to entrepreneurialism and multiple income streams in his lyrics, inspired by Nipsey for sure. “All The Bags” has a dope rhyme scheme focusing on the various ways he wants to get paid and how he gets paid. Definitely one of the dope braggadocios tracks on Growth Zone 2.

He closes the tape out with “NFWU” short for ‘Not Fucking With You’ – a break-up song with a different sound than that of the rest of the tape however we think thats what make growth zone, “Growth Zone” – his willingness to try new sounds, deliver new flows, and step outside of his comfort zone when it comes to his music.

All in all, Growth Zone 2 is a VERY solid project – especially from the likes of a new rap talent like BurrLin. It can be enjoyed by the hardcore rap fan to even the occasionally hip-hop listener. We like what we hear from Burr thus far and we’re excited to follow him on his journey. This clearly only the beginning.

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