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Danny Garcia vs. Ivan Redkach | Thisis50 Recap

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2 Division World Champion Danny “Swift” Garcia dominated and out classed the underdog Ivan Redkach last Saturday on Showtime at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, NYC. As expected Danny’s superior accuracy and defense frustrated the Ukrainian fighter who bit Danny in the neck reminding us of Tyson-Holyfield.

This was a great tune-up fight and we expected a stoppage but we look forward to a possible future world title shot against one of the top left-handed champions 147-pound titlist Errol Spence Jr. (26-0, 21 KOs) or Manny Pacquiao (62-7-2, 39 KOs).

Final PunchStat Report
Punches Landed / Thrown

Total Punches | Garcia 195 / 568 – 34%
Total Punches | Redkach 88 / 578 – 15%

Total Jabs | Garcia 22 / 226 – 10%
Total Jabs | Redkach 15 / 169 – 9%

Total Power | Garcia 173 / 342 – 51%
Total Power | Redkach 73 / 409 – 18%

Referee: Benjy Esteves
Judges: Glenn Feldman (111-117), Tony Paolillo (110-118) & Don Trella (111-117)

“I want to thank God, I want to thank team Garcia and all my fans in Brooklyn who came out to see me fight. Thank you.
“I thought the referee was gonna stop it because I felt like I was punishing him. He’s a tough guy, he hung in there, I wanted to get the KO, but I didn’t get it. I feel like I boxed smart, and I feel like that’s what I needed after this layoff. I really wanted the knockout bad, but I’ll accept this.”

“He bit me. He said ‘Mike Tyson’ when he bit me. I said ‘Ref, he bit me.’ I thought I needed stitches or something. That’s my first time ever getting bit in a fight. Things happen though. I’ve been in a street fight before, so I did it all.”

“I’m not gonna lie, I felt good, but I didn’t feel my best. I did lose a lot of weight for this fight, so maybe that played a factor. From a long layoff, and just losing so much weight. I lost about 25 pounds in eight weeks.

“I promised myself that I’m going to stay in the gym now and stay in shape. I felt regular, but then when I got on the scale a few weeks ago, I was like ‘Woah.’ So maybe that played a factor, maybe it didn’t. I make no excuses. I didn’t feel my best, but I felt good.
“Either or (Spence or Pacquiao) either of those fights I would like to have. My style looks great with both fighters.

“This was a very good experience for me. He never had me hurt and I was able to learn a lot. I’m thankful to be in this position that my team put me in and I’m going to keep growing from here.

“I’m going to get back in the gym and get stronger and better. I’m thankful for the experience against Danny Garcia. I’m going to be back and be much better.”

Article by Elijah Torres | @mistabless

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