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Jersey’s Finest Featured in New Documentary

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Can’t Forget New Jersey, is a newly released documentary that tells the story of the hip-hop culture in the Garden State. From Sugar Hill Gang to Fetty Wap, New Jersey’s complete hip-hop history is detailed in this hour-long documentary, created by Thomas Freeman Jr. Can’t Forget New Jersey features interviews with Redman, Naughty By Nature, DJ Red Alert, Poor Righteous Teachers, and a host of others. The musical score is provided by the legendary DJ Marley Marl and the narration by former YoMTV Raps host Ed Lover.

Can’t Forget New Jersey was produced as part os a series called “Hip-Hop’s Great Migration,” which details the migration of the hip-hop culture from New York to different cities across the country. Can’t Forget New Jersey is available on Amazon Prime. You can follow the shows creator on IG @tblackthewriter.

“Can’t Forget New Jersey” Ep. 1 of Hip Hop’s Great Migration (Sizzle)

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