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Blizz Vito feat. K.O.T.C. Official “Fake Friends”

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Brooklyn is the birthplace of some of the greatest rappers from Biggie Smalls to Jay-Z. Another rising talent from Brooklyn looking to make his mark on the rap industry is 21 year old rapper, Blizz Vito.
He launched into stardom with his debut video single “Right Now” that premiered on WorldStarHiphop and within 48 hours had over 1 million views on for “Right Now”
The buzz from WorldstarHipHop catapulted him to receive support on Apple Music and Spotify Playlists, pushing it to 100k+ streams across platforms and the song surpassed 1 million plus streams on YouTube/Google within 4 months.
He has gained support from RapFest, 4Sho Mag, DopeFuture to name a few.

His latest release “Fake Friends” video premiered on WorldStarHipHop on December 13, 2019 and within 24 hours had over 1 million plus views.
The song has over 100k streams on all platforms Spotify and YouTube.

Fake Friends”was produced by Fly Melodies, IamTash and K.O.T.C. Moving into 2020 and beyond Blizz Vito’s future is bright.
Instagram @ceoblizzvito

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