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JGreen – “Demons” (Official Video)

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Wabasso, Florida sits within the Treasure Coast, but everything there is far from golden. It’s those streets that raised burgeoning artist JGreen, who at 20 years old is taking over the rap game fast. His latest single “Slimey” paints a picture of the grittier aspects of his life. There’s much more to come, as JGreen is just warming up.

Coming from a musical family, JGreen watched his uncle venture into music before he even touched a mic. “I thought it was pretty cool what he was doing,” the young rapper recalls. Raised on the lyrics of Tupac Shakur and Jay-Z coupled with a vastly diverse palate of all different genres, J was fascinated with the storytelling aspect of hip-hop, unbeknownst to himself that he would one day become a storyteller. He started rapping at 15, later uploading his tracks to Soundcloud and eventually aligning with the YNW collective that birthed other blooming acts like YNW Melly.

The upcoming release of his mixtape will continue the vibe that JGreen has brought to the forefront since we first met him. “It’s all different scenarios with songs that really tell a story people can relate to,” he details of the project. “I try to make music that makes you feel something.”

While JGreen navigates through the next phase of his career, he keeps a realistically lofty goal in mind. “I just want to sell a lot of records,” he says with proud determination. “I’m trying to reach that Prince level of fame. That rockstar status.” The world is still getting to know this rapper on the rise, but if there’s one thing to know about him, it’s this: “JGreen is a very abstract person,” he says of himself. “Even if he looks like something, he’s really something else.”

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