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Chris Kinney – Don’t Sweat It Baby (feat. Claire Maisto)

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Hip Hop Artist Chris Kinney makes a loud comeback after a time of silence with his song “Don’t Sweat It Baby” featuring Claire Maisto. The song produced by Loud Tempo who had some help from Guitarist Rocko. The track, lasting just under 3 minutes, was written about a past experience with a girl and moving on without looking back. When asked about the new song Kinney said, “It’s kind of a duet/breakup song. She’s sad and I’m over it type of thing.”

Currently residing in Nashville, Chris Kinney has always had a passion for music. He started at the age of 13, and after diving deeper into the business aspect of music he started to see some success early on.

Kinney has been releasing singles as a product of Empire Records for the past couple years.
“Don’t Sweat It Baby” exemplifies the smooth vibe he has been crafting. The track features a beautifully eerie hook by Claire Maisto and smooth vocals by Chris Kinney.

The song embodies the “I’m better off without you” mindset with lyrics like “I don’t miss you” and “Don’t Sweat It”. Kinney understands sometimes you have to leave something good to get something better. The message is relayed elegantly over a catchy drum beat, soft keys, and peaceful guitar. “Don’t Sweat It Baby” makes for a track to be put on repeat.

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