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The Crack Era: The Rise, Fall And Redemption Of Kevin Chiles

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One of Uptown’s most revered hustlers of the infamous “Crack Era” is Don Diva founder/CEO and cultural icon Kevin Chiles. In a chilling, yet descriptive account of what life was like growing up in NYC during this tumultuous period, 53 year old Chiles makes his literary debut with The Crack Era: The Rise, Fall And Redemption Of Kevin Chiles.

The former Uptown kingpin reveals photographic tales of drug deals gone bad, out of town vacations that morphed into prison stints and a plethora of colorful characters from his past that created the murderous climate in the Rotten Apple as well as other major cities and small towns that were affected by the country’s most vicious drug plague in its history; the crack epidemic. From his early days as an aspiring college basketball player to the days as the owner of the legendary Boss Emporium on Harlem’s historic 125th Street, Chiles’ respected insight of the rise and fall of the unguided youth in America’s inner cities in the 60s and 90s is unparalleled.

Your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper respects him, even though most people don’t even recognize him by face.. After surviving shootouts, death threats, prison and the haunting ghost of recidivism, Chiles became the founder of Don Diva Magazine and has now made his writing debut by rolling out his bullet ridden testaments of evolution for the world to see and his street successors to learn form.

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