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Ayosk3tch – Bandz Up (Official Music Video

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Directed by upcoming Pasadena native Jonathan Matsumoto, better known as Jonny Mats, Ayo Sk3tch’s newest video “Bandz Up” explores the lifestyle of the Hollywood Hills. First premiered on popular YouTube channel No Jumper, the video has become a critical success, being featured in over 25 other blogs and publications including Trapstyle and We Run the Underground.

The deceptively simple hook, in which Sk3tch repeats “I’m just tryna get my bandz up, bandz up” sharply contrasts from the verses in which the burgeoning emcee spits rapidly about the struggles of his everyday life, finding ways to get by and stay relevant in the rapidly changing community of the Hollywood Hills, where faces change constantly as the competition all seeks the same end goal: fame and success.

In creating the visual to accompany the piece, Jonny Mats mirrors this dichotomy with his stylistic choices. The video itself, with its deceptively simple handheld shots, seeks to capture the same carefree energy of Asher Roth’s infamous 2009 “I Love College” music video while adding a more modern spin, with neon cash animations and motion graphics bringing Ayo Sk3tch’s words to life

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