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Correction: 6ix9ine did NOT allege Cardi B is a Nine Trey Bloods gang member during federal testimony

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Updated Friday AM 9:30 am.

Yesterday, we shared a Page Six report of 6ix9ine alleging Cardi B is a Nine Trey Bloods gang member during his federal testimony is reporting this morning, “Contrary to earlier reports, 6ix9ine never testified that Cardi B was a member of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods.

Tekashi addressed Cardi’s gang affiliations on his third day of testimony in Manhattan federal court. Defense attorney Alex Huot questioned the rapper if he “knew Cardi B was” a member of the Bloods, to which he replied, “Correct”; however, according to court documents obtained by Complex, 6ix9ine never once claimed that Cardi was associated with the Nine Trey set, but did acknowledge she was a self-proclaimed Blood.”

The reporting by Inner City Press remains a must-read for any follower of this story. We expect that today will bring more headlines. Stay tuned to and follow @trailsofsmoke on Twitter.

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