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Colin Kaepernick’s fight for racial equality again painted as anti-American

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Nike canceled the release of its Fourth of July flag-themed shoes today after Colin Kaepernick pointed out the 13-star flag stitched on the heel of the Airmax 1 has been misappropriated by white nationalist groups opposed to America’s diversity and that it harkened back to an era of slavery.

In response, some with larger followings across Twitter and other social media platforms argue Nike and Kaepernick should accept the American flag in any form only as a representation of patriotism, ignoring some are using it to express racist ideas, and continuing to (wrongly) paint Kaepernick’s fight for racial equality as anti-American and disrespectful to all military and police.

Check inside the stack to catch up on the story and sample another round of folks who are again ignoring Kaepernick’s very important point.

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