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North Carolina’s Savion Saddam Shows the Ugly and Beautiful Sides to Hustlin on “Mudd”

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North Carolina is on top of Hip Hop right now with their bonafide amazing variety of new chart-topping artists (Da Baby, Stunna 4 Vegas). With the door wide open after being kicked in by the superstars, many others like Kinston (Raliegh), North Carolina’s Savion Saddam are receiving the proper exposure as next ups with their hot street music like his new single, “Mudd”.

Shot by the talented Cool Cannon, Savion Saddam takes us to the field to show us not only where it all started but the beautiful ugly truth to dealing. Accompanied by a beautiful female co-star, Savion preaches about coming up from nothing and turning nothing into something. Prolific, cunning, and aggressive is the best way to describe the new artist on the track.

Backed with an impressive resume of noteworthy collaborators, Jim Jones, Jadakiss and Petey Pablo. Past several years, Saddam has been honing his skills, by his time, and sharing the stage with plenty of Hip Hop’s favorites. Now it’s his turn to shine in the spotlight as the next new artist.

“Mudd” is the follow up to his 2018 release, Contraband. A 14-track project that features guest appearances from Daz Dillinger, Moneybag Yo, and Rocko.

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