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Wavyy Jonez – “Daddies Home” (The Throne)

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Rising Actor and remarkable musician Wavyy Jonez is an innovative mogul in the making. A native New Yorker raised in Long Island, embraces his upbringing and turns his experiences into his own art. Growing up with a strong single mother, he learned first hand how to deal with tough decisions. This included finding ways to keep busy while his mother constantly worked.

As a young boy, Wavyy loved to read and found great interest in reciting poetry and acting it out. This grew his interest in writing and acting and moved him towards future goals. Wavvy knew at an early age that he wanted to become a successful actor and true emcee. As of today, he is an excelling to become a global entrepreneur.

Heavily influenced by a 90’s east coast, hip hop flavor, Wavyy considers himself as a student to the culture. Every move he makes obtains more knowledge, wisdom, and understanding which then creates his own eclectic style.
Wavyy Jonez is a young and refreshing talented individual who has shared the stage with the world renown “1500 Or Nothing” Band, hip hop veterans Busta Rhymes, Dub-C (West Coast Connection), and even Bone Thugs In Harmony. In 2017 Wavyy was casted to portray The Notorious B.I.G in a new U.S.A series called “Unsolved” his first major acting role to date and has since appeared on Magnum P.I and Spike Lee’s latest film “See You Yesterday.”
Be sure to remember his name and he makes his mark in preparing to ride the wave of his future success.

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