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10-year-Old Boy Writes Inspiring Book about Mom’s Death

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – 10 years old and on his way to the 5th grade Keigon Lowery is just like any other kid. Except unlike other kids–Keigon spent the last 12 months writing a book.​​​​​​, “kids go through the same thing it’s almost every day that someone gets killed, so I decided to write about it and show people that you don’t always have to look at the past, but you can look at the future,” says Keigon.

6 years ago he lost his mom, Callie. She was shot to death just outside of Cleveland Mississippi after a group of women got into an argument. Keigon was sitting just a few feet away, “I didn’t really know what to do after that, and I was kind of scared of what was going to happen to me.”

Soon after–he moved to Jackson to live with his dad– where things slowly started falling into place, “life is like an autumn leaf in spring it’s green and in life things are bad so its turns red and its green again because god had a plan, and he changed that planned.”

The book is called “My Dad and Me.” A fitting title–because Keigon gives credit to his dad for giving him the idea to write it, “he has been a great improvement to my life like now I’m playing sports, and he’s been a good supporter through that.”

Even though the book is now complete–Keigon has no plans of slowing down–he’s already trying to figure out what college will help him get a job at NASA down the road.

You can preorder his book now, CLICK HERE.

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