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Top 10 craziest plays of 2018 college football season | ESPN

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10. North Texas punt returner fakes fair catch and runs ball in for touchdown (0:20)
9. Miami receiver makes crazy one-handed catch in end zone (0:57)
8. Penn State running back runs for long touchdown run (01:15)
7. North Carolina brings down insane hail mary catch (01:53)
6. Penn State receiver makes unique one-handed grab (02:13)
5. Purdue goes for long touchdown run (02:37)
4. Minnesota punt returner breaks through all defenders for long touchdown run (03:15)
3. Arizona State wide receiver makes nasty one-handed snag (03:56)
2. San Houston State receiver makes highlight reel catch (04:24)
1. Texas A&M scores crazy touchdown in triple OT (04:43)

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