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Jahmiel – Treasure (Official Video)

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International Jamaican Recording Artist Jahmiel Drops Killer Video For Debut Single Off his Album Titled Treasure

Falling in love could turn fatal as Jahmiel lets down his guard for a femme
fatale in the action-packed video “Treasure”. Four bandits nearly escape
with precious cargo on a yacht sailing to paradise. Two lovers fight for their
life in this tale of lust, envy, and power.

A romantic evening is cut short when the male protagonist played by
Jahmiel notices suspicious activity from outside. The love boat carrying his
riches is nearly ambushed by onlooking pirates. Jahmiel rushes for his tool
to protect his number one Treasure.

The leading lady makes a run for it but never leaves Jahmiel’s side. His
ride or die chick is packing and leaves no room for error as she aims
directly for the intruder. In an unexpected twist the leading lady takes a
crucial shot that saves them both from peril.

Treasure is produced by Chimney Records and the official video was shot
by RD Studios – Jamaica. The single, a release from the studio album titled
Greatman, is now available on all digital platforms.

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