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Kanye, Kim, Kendall, and Kris ran into a celebrity tour

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From If you take a celebrity in tour in Hollywood and don’t run into Kanye West and the Kardashians … is it even really a celebrity tour?

Kanye was out for a Sunday drive around Los Angeles with Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Kris Jenner when he pulled his Lamborghini Urus up to a Hollywood tour scouting for celebrity homes.

The fans went crazy as soon as Kanye rolled the windows down, and Kim transformed from scolding her hubby for stopping, to instantly snapped into media mode.

“Hiiiii!” the “KUWTK” star screamed, while Kanye let everyone on board know, “It’s all downhill from here … the tour’s over!”

Ye was clearly having a blast watching his wife squirm in her seat, and although it’s uncomfortable for the star, the scene is very cool. One fan later posted the picture they were able to get of Kanye and company.

Finally, a Hollywood tour that may actually be worth the money.

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