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Ever wondered what goes through the mind of teenage serial bank robber?

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This is the story of the “Skinny Bandit” who brazenly robbed banks on the mean streets of Otay, California.

In his new book, “Up on Game: From Robbing Banks to Stacking Bitcoin” Richard Stanley shares his unique experience as a teenager robbing banks in Southern California and his time in prison paying for his crimes.

Raised in a lower income area south of San Diego. Stanley recounts a tumultuous childhood of growing up in the dangerous neighborhood of Otay, surrounded by gangs, drugs, violence, and poverty.

A high school dropout, he obtained his business degree as a serial entrepreneur – in bank robbery. He was graciously accepted into an institution of higher education operated by the California state prison system.

Stanley illustrates what daily life was like in jail, his interactions with other inmates, the dark side of the correctional officers whose jobs are to maintain law and order, and how he took advantage of the opportunities afforded him in jail to get an education.

After his release, Stanley became successful adult online marketer of exotic dancers and professional escorts where he was introduced to Bitcoin as a form of payment.

He schooled himself in daytrading of cryptocurrency. Although he doesn’t claim expertise, he’s moved up in the world to swanky Newport Beach where he lives a life far more comfortable than the hellhole of the two-man prison cell.

His story is now available in book form at

Amazon Reviews:

“I’ve got to say, the title is what made me interested in reading this book. Up on Game: From Robbing Banks to Stacking Bitcoin is the story of Richard Stanley and his tumultuous upbringing in the San Diego area. We first meet Richard back when he was a teen and had the brilliant idea of robbing a bank in order to get enough cash for a meal at Taco Bell. Richard came from a low income family where both parents busted their ass trying to provide for him and his sisters. His parents could only provide the bare minimum so it was up to Richard to figure out the rest. Being a typical teenager and wanting the latest and greatest things, he had to come up with a plan. We learn he went from shoplifting small items like watches, to stealing cars and then finally robbing banks. Just when he thought he outsmarted the cops, he was caught. The book follows his life during prison and the success he achieved after it. The author is an excellent story teller and I could not believe half the things I was reading. I was very interested in hearing his version of prison and how he survived. Overall a great read, especially those who are looking to read more about true crime.” – Caitlin G

“The author started a bank robbery spree because he needed a few bucks for a Taco Bell grande meal. But the seeds of this crime were planted during his earlier years when gangs ruled the neighborhood and instilled fear in kids, when the author needed money to buy nice clothes to fit in at middle school, when the cops would stop suspicious kids for no reason and cuff ’em and sit ’em on the curb. Stanley explains the neighborhood struggle most of us never experienced but need to understand if we’re going to be supportive of community policing, prison reform, and rehabilitation. Orange Is the New Black has nothing on this story–a realistic microcosm of life that teachers, counselors, parents, and those with incarcerated family members should get “up on game” about. An honest, poignant story you’ll find shocking yet uplifting.” – Sandra Wendel

Get “Up on Game: From Robbing Banks to Stacking Bitcoin” today at

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