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Legendary Philadelphia Battle Rapper Tech 9 Passes Away | R.I.P.

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The battle rap community is in mourning today as Philadelphia’s own Tech 9, one of the iconic figures in the culture, has reportedly passed away. Although the circumstances behind his death are unknown, the tragic news was confirmed this morning by close family and friends on social media, thus leaving a devastating feeling of loss throughout the extended family of battle rap.

#RIP Tech!

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RIP Tech9!!!!! I guess since most my family members died with a warning I didnt cry but this let's me know how much battle rap means to me. This is our world and we must tear each other down but why do we not fuck with each other outside of this. I'm in Miami @hitmanholla you was here yesterday I would of love to chill with you bro, I love you. @arsonal103 in glad I seen you yesterday and we got pass our issues your music is fucking INCREDIBLE dogg, you inspire me so much my brother I love you. @conceitednyc was trying to see you yesterday, life is fucking short and we all came up in this together. @math.hoffa we let 1 issue carry on for years, why must we act like we do to each other outside the ring bro. It's not that fucking serious what people think. I can't fucking believe Tech died. Damm Tech! I never thought I would publicly post when someone dies but I'm crying like my fucking brother die. My son is right next to me and I'm trying to be strong but this really fucking hurts bro. I always gave Tech 9 his credit for being a big influence on me. I'm also glad when everyone was cooking him about the Geechi battle I was one of the few that sent him good words. Last I'll say idk T Rex iG but he is the only person I never mention who inspired me. I recently did and I love you Rex, you the fucking GOAT. We all came up broke together in battle rap and it seems like everyone kick it until we all got a little money and now we in a race to outdo each other. Money is fucking evil! Let's use Tech death to come together as unity. PLEASE!! I hope Tech up there with Spittage smiling. #Philly

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