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Get the Strap | Jack Thriller Takes Arsonal to the Gun Range

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Jack Thriller has taken 50 cents catch phrase “Get The Strap” to heart by teaming up with Not 4 Nothin Studios and creating a new hit show taking Talk Show style celebrity interviews out of the studio audience and into a state of the art competitive gun range in the New Jersey/New York Metropolitan area.

Accompanied by Celebrity guests hosts, world famous Startenders, radio personalities, and sports greats Jack Thriller offers both entertainment and education providing an intriguing balance which will engage a broad and divers audience.

The women’s self defense segment “Safe Zone” offers practical training on not only how to handle weapons and hand to hand tactics but also preventative measures to avoid a troubling situation all together.

“Gun Talk” is a forum where current local and world wide events effecting our guests and audience can be discussed. From Gun Control to Bullying and everything in between “Gun Talk” is a bold, informative segment sure to stir conversation and spark change.

Music and artistry is always in the forefront in the up and coming artist segment “Keys To The Range” There is no better place for artists on the rise to be seen and heard!

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