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Will Smith Takes Us Behind The Scenes of “Bad Boys 3”

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00:16 – Really big peak behind the curtain. Let’s pull back a bit.

00:34 – Too much nostalgia.

00:41 – “That’s How We Do” is not an approved tagline or slogan. Edit out.

00:56 – Don’t show script. Thickness could indicate the film’s length.

1:54 – Maybe add “Will is pretending to be asleep” label here so viewers don’t think he’s dead.

2:14 – This director seems edgy.

2:35 – Are these clips from the first two Bad Boys movies?

2:54 – Too scary. Might cause nightmares.

3:13 – Viewers could be confused. Is the movie a prank for April Fool’s?

4:01 – Viagra is NOT a sponsor. We do not get paid by them. Remove.

4:45 – Too much Will in this?

4:57 – Camera Test definitely feels “Too Hollywood.”

6:11 – A lot of laughing from Will. Viewers might think the film is a comedy instead of an action-comedy. Less laughs moving forward.

6:20 – Too much bragging from this producer.


7:02 – Is Scoty in the movie?

8:09 – What’s with that drink? Edit it out.

8:27 – Don’t have Will admit that the movie is going to be filmed. Could be awkward.

8:32 – Hope Martin’s back is alright.

8:45 – Director’s Camera is shaky.

9:30 – TV guys in movies? Don’t have Will say that. Cheapens our final product.

9:36 – Are these clips from the new Bad Boys. If so please remove.

10:14 – Remove the subscribe button. People can’t subscribe to Bad Boys. It’s confusing.

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