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Chacin’HitZ “So Numb” | @Chacinhitz_

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So Numb is the first visual from the ‘Dreams Become Nightmare EP’ released in October 2018 by Chacin’HitZ. The visual for So Numb takes place in Gonzales, TX, at a property that started construction back in 1890, and was completed in 1910. There is plenty of history at this property, and the many scenes of So Numb set an amazing vibe for this visual! So Numb really embodies the meaning behind “Dreams Become Nightmare.” This was life for Chacin’HitZ after taking a few years away from music. It started with a dream, of being back in the studio and back on stage. That dream then continued to repeat, becoming darker, truly making the Dreams Become Nightmare. “Hallucinating in my present, while reminiscing in my past, cant distinguish what is fact, and what is fallacy” as heard in verse one connects directly with the feeling of living in a Nightmare. Don’t find yourself allowing for Dreams Become Nightmare. Whether you want to be an artist, a lawyer, etc… pursue your Dreams. Don’t let Dreams Become Nightmare.


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