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Rich Roman – ‘Dreams From The Ave’

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Queens rapper Rich Roman recently just dropped his new project titled “Dreams From The Ave”. Following the release of his debut summer time project titled “ Rich Thoughts” the rapper took a new direction. His 1st project consisted of a lot of party music and the rapper felt that it was more commercial more than the people understanding his lane of music even though he has his own style of word play. The 7 track EP consist of songs that relates back to broken childhood friendships, street issues that fueled him as a teenager, his deceased friends, and even how the young rapper feels now. The rapper didn’t put everything into a sad manor he put everything into a fashion where it makes storytelling cool again and brings back that element to listen to not only New York hip hop but the new style of New York artist. The metaphors and wordplay he used to get his point across shows where the young rapper is going and his direction with the message he is delivering. Songs like Deck of Cards, Dreams From The Ave & Nightmares are some of the songs that the young rapper delivers his message on loud & clear. Releasing the project under his own label “ Clock Structure Music Group “. Rich Roman has dropped back to back projects that brings his metaphors to life. Dreams From The Ave shows the creativity of the young rapper and also the New era of The New New York.

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