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Andaluz the Artist – “Money” -Cardi B (Art Freestyle Official Video)

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Andaluz the Artist has dropped his latest music video to Cardi B’s Money song. It’s been a few years since he’s dropped any new music. Being consumed with his art and finding a new love for God he stepped back from creating music for a while. Andaluz is back with a positive message that mixes fashion art and music. In this video he takes an ordinary box truck and creates a beautiful piece of art on wheels. This truck represents how he was changed through the power of God. His love for hip-hop kept his ear to the street but his love for God kept his mind on uplifting those around him. This is an intro to the newly enhanced Andaluz. Being half Ecuadorian and Dominican he has respect for Cardi B and her music. So much so, he turned Cardi into Storm from the X-Men. His passion for art forced him to create a realistic painting of Stan Lee who was a big influence growing up. Andaluz has set the bar for artists who excel in all realms of creativity. If you’re a fan of Hip-Hop and Art then make sure to hit that “LIKE” button and share this with a friend.

Video Shot by @propixone @TheSteadyShooter
Video Edited by @TheSteadyShooter

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