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Cinematic’s Lil Trevo Claims He’s “Here To Stay” With Latest Mixtape

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Cinematic’s Atlanta Signee Lil Trevo Unleashes His Latest Mixtape “Here 2 Stay” With A Brand New Visual Featuring Guap Tarantino
“It starts and ends with the music for me,” Cinematic Music Group Founder Jonny Shipes says in a recent interview with Forbes, invoking the label’s slogan For The Love Of Music. It’s the very thing that drew him to Atlanta up-and-comer, Lil Trevo. Trevo’s gritty story-telling evokes clear images of his dark youth in which his family lost one brother to jail and another to gun violence. It’s an ending Lil Trevo hopes to avoid but, while he plans to use his gift for street tales to keep himself off the streets, it is evident in his songs that for the time being at least, he still has one for firmly planted out of necessity.
That being said, Trevo now finds himself label mate to a pretty impressive roster of talent that includes Joey Bada$$, Mick Jenkins, Flipp Dinero and JayDaYoungan and with this follow-up to “Powered Up”, the tape that first caught the industry’s attention, Trevo wants everyone to know the he is “Here 2 Stay.” This latest project is 10 cuts from Trevo’s seemingly conflicted life, vacillating as he is from street braggadocio to mourning the life. The tape is light on features, but you won’t miss them. As Jonny put it, it begins and ends with the music and this tape slaps.

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