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Where Would Rap Be If Drake Never Existed?

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What would Hip Hop look If Drake never existed? — At this point, any praise Drake receives sounds redundant — Oh, another record? Big deal; we’ve heard that story before. He surpassed who? Cool; thought he did already. Drake sold how much? Not shocked. His success is a commonality we expect. Every time Drake releases an album everyone automatically figures it’ll i go number one and, well, it kind of actually does.

Looking at his last two albums alone, in More Life and Scorpion, he statistically ran circles around not only every rapper, but every artist period competing with legends of old rather than current peers.

When his ‘playlist-project’ More Life dropped in 2017, it broke the record for the most simultaneously charted Hot 100 titles with 24. It also help drake break his own record of most Hot 100 debuts in one week, and it broke the record for most streams in a single day on one streaming service.

Can you even fathom those kind of numbers for a rapper? No one was coming even close.

Then, one year later, he tops all of them with his eight consecutive debut album, Scorpion, which became the first album to rack in over one billion global streams in its first week of it’s release as well as breaking The Beatles 54-year old record of simultaneous top 10 songs with seven.

But what if you took Drake out the picture? What if you removed him, his success, his imprint, his songs — everything he’s done since entering the game in 2006 — away? What would you have?

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