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J. Mingo – “All In” | Official Video

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J.Mingo grew up in New York, Came from a street wise/hustler family. Since young he wanted to rap n is influenced by Jay-Z, Nas, Lil Wayne , Wiz Khalifa, J. Cole n Stack Bundles. When He decided to take rap serious, he had a set back. Faced life in prison for a Accused Murder. Served nearly a year awaiting trail in New York City varies county jails. Ultimately had a verdict of Not Guilty on all charges. J. Mingo came home more focused than ever to pursue his dream.J. Mingo describes himself as a cool, calm, n collective person. Most would say he’s young with a old soul . But his calm demeanor is a throw off, from the Clark Kent to Superman when he goes in the booth. His appearance would lead you to believe his reality couldn’t be this real due to his relaxed personality.As a Artist J. Mingo wasn’t the stage fright type as he performed in places like Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte , and his hometown New York. J. Mingo appeared on DJ Kay Slay Shade 45 Street Sweeper Radio on SiriusXM , for promotion for his first Single “All In” off his EP .J. Mingo first project titled, “Young World”, is expected to be released in 2018. The Harlem MC bridging the gap with his New and Timeless rap flow n style. With Songs produced by Blac Zomby, Illadaproducer and more great production that will produce a great piece of work.–

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