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Snoop Dogg Talks Clout Chasing, Kanye West, Smoke Stories + More

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Snoop Dogg dropped by to talk about season 2 of ‘Jokers Wild’, his gospel album, clout chasing vs. real life, selling weed to Cameron Diaz and much more.
– Why do a Gospel Album
– Were you a Gospel fan
– Have you ever rolled up weed in bible paper
– What is hip hop coming to
– Clout chasers
– 2Pac shot at some cops
– Story about War
– Artists who call themselves the new 2Pac
– 2Pac told Snoop to marry his girlfriend
– Being married to a strong woman
– Kanye West
– Daz’s threat to Kanye
– Battle raps
– Do you regret past lyrics in light of the Me Too movement
– Oprah
– Cameron Diaz
– Why was it hard to get good weed on the East coast
– Backlash from Donald Trump spoof
– Hanging with Trump back in the day
– Jokers Wild
– Murder was the case

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