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WTF: Louisville Officer Fatally Shoots Suspect Through His Patrol Car Windshield

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Video has been released of the moment an officer with the Louisville Metro Police Department fired five shots through the windshield of his patrol car at a suspect – a move some people are calling ‘reckless’. On Tuesday, robbery suspect Demonjhea Jordan was shot at least 20 times as he fled from police down a residential street in Portland. Jordan was accused of robbing a Metro PCS store. Three officers, as well as a detective, responded to the robbery call. All four opened fire at Jordan hitting him multiple times. The 21-year-old was later pronounced dead at a hospital. During a news conference on Wednesday, the police department played videos from three of the officer’s body cameras. In one video an officer pulls up to the scene and before he even stops his patrol car, he draws his weapon sending five shots through his windshield. The suspect appears to be already on the ground before the cop fires.

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