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WTF: Cop Indicted After Lying About Sucker Punching Black Man Just Discharged From Hospital

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A man was punched in the face by a police officer while he was waiting for his mother to pick him up from a Fort Worth hospital.

The shocking blow was recorded on tape at Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth and shows Henry Newson, who had spent two days in the hospital, borrow a stranger’s phone to call his mother while talking to a cop.

When an argument starts, off-duty officer Jon Romer enters the scene, pushes Newson out, and suddenly punches him in the face before pinning him to the ground by his head.

The recently released videos are from November 5, 2016 and were recorded on hospital surveillance cams and bodycams.

Newson, now 21, is suing Officer Romer, the hospital, and security guards for unspecified damages.

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